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See How AVARI Clears the Air

Innovative Filter Technology

Avari uses static electricity to
create an oasis of fresh air.

Patented ESF filter, captures ultra-fine
dust and dangerous particles to keep
them out of
your respiratory system.


Ozone & Carbon Free

Captures 99.97% of airborne
particles such as:

Air Purifier Capturing particles Air Purifier Capturing particles

Innovative ESF Filter

Polarized (Anode / Cathode)
High Polymer Synthetic Resin Film
attracts particles via static electricity

Remove Germs & Bacteria

No Germs or Bacteria

Remove Germs
& Bacteria

Up to 0.1 micrometer of ultra fine dust
can be captured, H1N1, pneumonia,
various virus, mycete, bacteria
others can be remove to provide
refreshing indoor environment,
reduces odor.

Particles that create smog

Removes Allergy &
Contaminants That Cause:
Sick House Syndrome

Sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxide, heavy
metals and more, which creates smog,
are captured. Therefore, it is especially
good for homes with respiratory
patients, atopy patients, pregnant
women and toddlers.