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Our Mission

Protecting Personal Space

At Avari, we believe your personal space is just that, yours. That’s why we design and engineer all of our products with the same mission in mind — to put you back in control of the spaces that immediately surround you, all the way down to the tiniest fraction of a micron.

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We believe in the oversized impact of small particles

When cleaner, healthier air is your goal, the micro details matter. Our electrostatic and embossed HEPA purifiers harness the power of nature and physics to purify the air down to 0.1 microns. We go beyond the industry standard for traditional HEPA filters (0.3 microns) because many harmful particles like viruses and bacteria are much smaller than 0.3. In today’s world, micro-purity matters more than ever, and clean enough just isn’t good enough anymore.

Breathing well, for less.

While breathing easier, sleeping deeper, and living better with fresh, pure air may feel luxurious, we believe it shouldn’t be costly. Unlike other high-end purifiers that require a huge financial commitment, we design our products not only to be more effective but to be more cost-effective too. Avari air purifiers not only cost less to buy, but they also cost less on average to operate over time.

Test, Verify, Certify but prepare for reality.

We believe in testing and verifying the performance of our products and being mindful of industry standards, all to provide you with a piece of mind. We also believe in reality. You don't use your purifier in a controlled test environment. Doors open, close, windows swing, furniture exists, ceilings are different heights and angles, we recognize the reality, hence why we design our ESF line to be close to you, and certify its performance for close quarter combat against the molecules you can’t see.

Superior Science and Engineering

Avari stands behind our products. We work closely with our scientists, labs, and engineers to ensure the highest quality performance. Although we are a US company, based in Valencia California, our products are manufactured almost entirely in Korea with processes for quality, engineering, and manufacturing that are unrivaled — all to provide you with the best possible product at an affordable price.

Our Mission