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Compare Avari Air Purifiers

Avari Electrostatic (ESF) Air Purifiers are unique. They’re designed to protect you from harmful particulates, all the way down to an unprecedented 0.1 microns — because we recognize that dangerous particles come in even smaller sizes than the industry filter standard.
Our ESF purifiers are also different in that they are engineered to be positioned close to you — near your bed, your desk, your couch, the baby crib, your dorm room, and to function with so little noise that even at the Maximum setting, they’re as quiet as a library.
Avari Air Purifiers, quiet, efficient and effective, check out the differences and facts about each purifier.
Particle Size
Filter Types
Coverage at 0.1 microns (ACH 3)*
Filter Life
Operating sound
Energy consumption (Max)
Smart Air Automation
Air Quality Indicator
Carbon Deodorizer
Variable Speeds
Ultra Blue LED/Sanitizer
Ozone Free
Night Mode
Child Lock
Time Setting
Filter Replacement Indicator
Main Color
Accent Colors
Net Weight
Manufactured in