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Replacement Filter For Avari 600 Air Purifier  - Front view
Replacement Filter For Avari 600 Air Purifier - Internal Graphics and Facts
Avari 600 - Human hand holding the patented ESF filter
AVARI Filter Life Cycle
AV-600 Filter Captures Ultra fine Particles
Avari 600 Air Purifier Filter in action with user in the study area

Avari Air 600 Replacement Filter

Electrostatic Air Purifier


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Replace your Avari Air 600 filter in a matter of seconds, no extra tools needed.

  • Patented ESF filter captures particles as small as 0.1 microns, removing odors and harmful VOCs that most HEPA filters miss.
  • Easy maintenance, simply vacuum every 1-2 months for optimal performance and to protect the life of the filter
  • Our innovative ESF filter technology produces Zero Ozone & Zero Carbon
  • Replace every 12- 18 months
  • 15% Discount & Free Shipping on 2 or more replacement filters

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